The instinct to save yourself VS to protect your boss

Personal security does not work in an office. To live or die but let another one to live.

Personal security is your face

How does professional security fit into VIP’s life.

Medical training of bodyguards.Protected person’s eye injury

Right actions of the bodyguard in case of VIP’s eye trauma

A doggy wearing a “bug”

The wonders of training on service of fillers and killers.

Sparring training for bodyguards

How must sparring training of personal security be organized.

If you have got it out do you have to shoot then?

Let us be in doubt about the belief that the weapon which was got out must be used compulsory.

Why are palms better than a fist?

We recommend personal security staff to strike not with a fist but with a base of a palm.

Aggressive driving.Where to ram the car?

The road is abruptly blocked by an unknown car.

VIP+1. One who does not have illusions does not have tears either.

When it is reasonable to use only one bodyguard.

Why does a bodyguard need sunglasses?

Usage of a noticeable stylish accessory.

Oops! An error made by personal security.

Two guarded cars have delivered a VIP to the meeting.

The direction of evacuation during shooting

A single shot. Nobody has fallen down. The side of shooting has been determined

A VIP and 1 long barreled gun, red zone

Severe situation. There is a VIP and only one bodyguard who has a long barreled gun and you must move in the direction of a danger.

Fast evacuation and movement with a VIP

This is a critical situation for security. There was an attempt to kidnap a VIP. Fast evacuation of a VIP is required from the area of an increased risk. You must act as quick as possible.

When shall we push a protected person?

Not only when but also where? There is such aspect of studying this technique of Krav-Maga for bodyguards too.

Running for you life. Rotating a VIP

What possibilities does a bodyguard have to rotate a VIP fast and safe in case of an emergency evacuation?
Enroll your personnel in the 360 program


1. We do provide onsite trainnings: 360's instructors train all over the world. 2. The venue for offsite trainnings are in Israel or Tallinn (Estonia, EU). 3. There are three course stages. At each course stage the price is $2500 / per trainee for 8 days. 4. Minimum team size — 5 trainees. 5. We do provide individual vip protection training but for fortunes: starting from $5 000.