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When shall we push a protected person?

29 June 2017 Not only when but also where? There is such aspect of studying this technique of Krav-Maga for bodyguards too.

A bodyguard is closer to a VIP than to an attacker and sometimes involving a bodyguard into solving a problem with him might lead to the tragedy.
Let us imagine that an attacker is approaching a VIP very fast behind him. In this case it will be reasonable to push a VIP for removing him from his place very fast and possibly to make an emergency transfer of a VIP from one member of staff to another.

The impact is performed using the inner part of the forearm (venous side) of one arm and a palm of another arm. A forearm is located higher and a palm is lower. Doing this impact a bodyguard must avoid hitting with the ulnar bone.
The impact is performed transferring weight of the body and subsequent setting of the leg. Where to push you ask? In the area of a shoulder or a back.

Some nuance.There are situations when it is necessary to turn a VIP’s face in the direction of the push to avoid his fall.

Increasing the distance between a VIP and an attacker having thas push done a bodyguard can start solving problems with a less risk for the protected person.

Bonus. Pushes are possible not only from an aggressor’s location but (sic!) on an aggressor too.
For example a stick / a bit is a real danger only on its very end. All its energy for an impact is concentrated there.If a contact occurs with hands of an attacker or the beginning of the stick the injury of a protected person will be minimized.

There are similar in logic methods in situations with releasing of a hostage but we will speak about it in another case.

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