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Aggressive driving.Where to ram the car?

24 October 2017 The road is abruptly blocked by an unknown car.

Let us consider the situation when a car accidentally or deliberately blocks the way for a cortege by its sudden appearance making a driver to stop or slow down.

Well, a personal security driver! Shell we stop?
Not at all. Such stop might cost a lot and lead to a tragedy.

There is a case in our practice when a bodyguard being involved in the similar situation started to shoot through a windshield. It turned out later that he had a real reason and had done everything absolutely correctly.

But now we are not speaking about shooting.A car is preventing to move forward to the safe place. What shell we do? To ram an auto.

How to do it correctly?

You must drive your car which will ram into the back part of an obstructing car. The impact must be slightly farther than a rear wheel but not into the bumper which is made from “papier mache” in modern cars. In the result an obstructing car will be rotated into an opposite direction which will postpone and persecute attackers’ chase.

To perform such hit you should drive at the speed of 30-50 km per an hour. In this case there will be no danger for our passengers who are ready for this action but for attackers after such rapid change a position of bodies in space will be openly speaking very hard to be engaged in target shooting.

You need to understand how your pillows are set up. Are they activated or deactivated or they can be activated only at the speed of more than 60 km per an hour. This question must be directed to the personal security mechanics.

You should strike not under 90 degrees but a little bit passing to be able to have possibility to pop out of the situation.

For an effective ram the weight of your car must be approximately comparable.

P.S.Ramming a car might be the most effective action stopping a vehicle but shooting at wheels is absolutely useless.
Are you in doubts? Watch a video.
Warning! Russian policemen are badly handled with weapons and use foul language . We recommend to remove children, IPSC instructors and pregnant ladies from the screen.

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