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VIP+1. One who does not have illusions does not have tears either.

05 October 2017 When it is reasonable to use only one bodyguard.

A bodyguard in the format of VIP+1 is more an assistant than a bodyguard who is near just in case to guarantee a real safety.

The only one but well trained bodyguard can manage easily cutting off, say, domestic threats. But most likely there will not be ones.But he will be not able physically to do something real against a coordinated armed group of attackers or a crowd of fans.

One person can not be everywhere.

To highlight the situation let us study a classic case of custom made murders. This is an entrance to the entrance.
In the case when there are at least two bodyguards and one driver the second bodyguard goes ahead to checks the entrance while the attached to a VIP bodyguard covers VIP’s back and rear. The driver stays in the car. The door is open.

And what can we do in the format VIP+1? Almost nothing.
A bodyguard can not be in different places at the same time and there are uncontrolled zones every moment. But the zone controlled by one person only is extremely short in time.

And how would you feel to evacuate a VIP with a bare back?

And of course a VIP+1 is a hard work if it is done properly.
A constant concentration is required to be able to observe everything in front, rear, corners.

And if the concentration and alertness of a bodyguard are at the low level we get a picture. Here a famous video from public access is attached.

Omitting all tactic mistakes made by a bodyguard about which a lot of people including incompetent journalists have already written more than enough let us just point at the strategic mistake of a protected person who now already rests in peace. If a risk is more than just a common one in that case a VIP+1 is a direct way to suicide and your bodyguard’s murder. Here we refer our reader to the name of this material.

We want to remind Kim Kardashian’s robbery in Paris if it was a real robbery but not a well prepared PR campaign because everything looked like unreally perfect.

It might be enough to have one bodyguard who also combines his responsibility with a car driver’s job to manage the situation with common threats.
It is possible to accompany a wife or a child in the absence of serious problems.

We have a direction of individual training for bodyguards including civil people.

But remember if the threat is serious one person will not be able to manage the situation.

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