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Sparring training for bodyguards

18 December 2017 How must sparring training of personal security be organized.

What problems does sparring of bodyguards solve?

Classic one. This is how to overcome psychological barrier to clobber someone.
The reader may argue. "Hey! What kind of psychological barrier with fighting do security have? The problems with clobbering as well as giving voice commands occur more often than you might imagine. Security is not exception and there are not many well trained professional people here as well as in any other industry. And the selection of personal bodyguards is not always led according to the criterion of readiness to scuffle someone but when you build personal protection tailored for an exact person the selection is carried out according to the criterion of personal loyalty which is more than reasonable and must be taken into the consideration.

So, sparring training for bodyguards.
Sparring for bodyguards is held in clothes and footwear similar in type to work uniform. Proximity of contact and safety gear may be varied widely. They might be helmets, vests, gloves and so on or absence of all of them.

Sparring may include enemies armed with weapons (from the very beginning of training or not) such as knives, sticks and guns. Big surprise is appearance of weapons in the parterre. And to avoid developing a bad for a bodyguard habit to fight on the ground the second or third bodyguard has a stun gun. It is immediately clear that to start fighting is not a bodyguard ’s business.

It is good practice to conduct sparring trainings not only within your team but invite sportsmen from different divisions, for example adequate professional fighters and good assaulters. It will be interesting not only to sportsmen but to all staff too. Believe us!

Sparring in Krav-Maga is unlike a simple sport training. It is held not only in format of one against one person but a fight is frequently conducted against several enemies. Two, three, four. A fight in format of one team against another one where a number of participants might be varied in both teams and one of them has a task to guard a protected person is common practice. Do not forget to add to the picture of sparring attacks and defense using weapons and improvised items to have a clear vision what Krav-Maga sparring for bodyguards is. Is it traumatic? Not at all. Only a certain general level of group training is needed.

Additional complication for a team during sparring are commands coming from the instructor which require certain reaction. It might be a very fast switch from activity doing at the moment to evacuation of a protected person, controlled movement or doing a first aid kit. All of them make a bodyguard learn to switch himself from his fight to another situation around him which he might be involved in.

If we continue talking about these complications the extreme element of personal security training is sparring with shooting.

Shooting range. During the course of sparring an instructor gives a special command and bodyguards need to have possibility to be able to retrieve the weapon as soon as they can, bring it into a combat position with subsequent defeat of the target and return back to the fight with the weapon that has to be already covered. Add to all of these actions changing a mag and serious check of equipment in tough situation.

Do I need to explain that it is impossible to obtain skills, mutual trust and level of self-control for such training as quick as thought. And moreover sparring with shooting is not allowed to be held everywhere.

In a more simplified, preparatory version of a training changing to shooting is carried out after sparring, for example in the next room. In this case axioms of security are not broken. Sparring, then acceleration to the shooting range, shooting at a high pulse, and keep doing as many rounds as it is needed for a full moral and physical satisfaction.

The reader is invited to compare described above sparring techniques 360 with classic boxing/wrestling match and make his own conclusions about practical benefits of them in the field of bodyguard’s training.

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