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Medical training of bodyguards.Protected person’s eye injury

15 January 2018 Right actions of the bodyguard in case of VIP’s eye trauma

An accident happened and we have something unnatural in the eye. It might be a splinter, a fish hook, a nail and even a VIP’s eye which was knocked out by a blast wave and it is hanging on the supporting ligaments only. Structurally first aid actions will be the same.

First do not make any attempts to pull out a protruding unnatural thing and of course do not try to refill the eye to its natural place. You should not laugh. The first man who will try to do is a victim himself.
It is strictly forbidden to do that.

An eye is the most difficult and one of the most gentle paired part of the body. That is why it is located in the bone deep of the skull. Do not be selfasured and say " Calm down, boss! We will pull it out. No worries!"

Any medical help with an eyeball is carried out only by an experienced surgeon ophthalmologist on high tech equipment under sterile condition.

But you must get somehow to the place where there is a skilled doctor, high tech equipment and good sterile conditions without making any harm to your protected person on the way there. A well trained bodyguard knows that in the field you must put a light not tight clean napkin on the injured eye and close both eyes of a victim and such bodyguard really can do it after having realistic good first aid trainings that we provide.

Medical training for bodyguards

Where is the recommendation rule to cover both eyes taken from?

Our eyes are arranged in such way that rotating one of them another one is doing the same movement increasing the damage of an eyeball with its unnatural thing inside it. That is why both eyes must be closed.
Yes, it is dark but this position of eyes multiplies chances to keep his eye vision.

It goes without saying that you should make a lot of efforts to avoid rubbing the damaged eye even using screeds for VIP if it is necessary.

Packed down?
Now you have to deliver a VIP ungently to the established well known clinic (on of them) where everything will be already ready for a qualified medical treatment. On the way to hospital one member of personal security (the closest one) must constantly control two aspects:

  • They are the physical and psychological state of the VIP and the situation around;
  • Knowing the address of the doctor you are going to the attempt to attack you again might be doubled.

That is all I think. Be healthy and live wealthy.

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